How to Find the Tennessee Parenting Plan Online?

Do You Need to Know How to Find the Parenting Plan Online?

If you need to know how to find the Tennessee parenting plan form, then we have a video guide for you. We have a great tutorial for Tennessee parents. We get several questions from parents that attend the live Tennessee Parent Education Seminar each week. First, they want to know how to find the latest copy of the Tennessee Permanent Parenting Plan. Then, they want tips for filling out the form. Next, they want to know the court process. Finally, they want to know how to hire a good Tennessee divorce attorney.

This document is normally required for all divorcing parents in Tennessee and also in Juvenile Court. The Parenting Plan lays out your parenting schedule for all of your minor children. If you would like a brief overview of how to find the form and some useful tips, check out the video below.

Tennessee Parenting Plan Online Guide

The Divorce Parenting Class

In Tennessee, you should take the parent education class as soon as possible after filing for divorce. The parenting class is offered at least 6 times per month at two locations. The divorcing parent education class is mandatory. You can sign up for the Memphis Parent Education Class here.  If you need a class in the Jackson, Tennessee area CLICK HERE.

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