Divorce Mediation Tennessee Parents

Are you in a contested divorce?

If so, you need a mediator! Divorce mediation in Tennessee is required by most Tennessee courts. Therefore, I am excited to share an interview I did on WREG Memphis. The topic is mediation. Learn how divorce mediation can help parents resolve their case. In other words, you can finish your Permanent Parenting Plan in ONE DAY. That also includes the child support calculator in TN.

Divorce Mediation is not formal

So mediation in Tennessee is an informal process. In addition, there is no witness stand. Also, no recording devices. Next, parents make all the decisions with the help of the mediator. Additionally, a divorce mediator does not take sides. Almost everything you tell your Tennessee mediator in confidential. Finally, your mediator cannot be called as a witness in trial.

Parent Education Class is Mandatory

Another requirement for divorcing parents in Tennessee is the Parent Education Class. We teach the Parent Education at our office in Memphis. We also offer the parenting class in the Jackson, Tennessee area. Finally, you need to know that Shelby County requires a live class. Online classes are usually rejected unless you have a special circumstance. Contact your attorney for more information about your specific case.

For a list of upcoming class dates at our Memphis location visit https://www.tnparentclass.com/memphis-parenting-classes/.

For more information about the Parenting Seminar, read our blog post from May of 2019 https://legaltn.com/2019/05/12/parent-education-class/

If you are ordered to go to divorce mediation in Tennessee, you need to find a good mediator! A list of court approved mediators can be found at http://www.tncourts.gov/programs/mediation/find-mediator.

WREG Memphis Interview about divorce mediation in Tennessee is linked below.

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Thank you for watching our interview on divorce mediation for Tennessee parents!