goHenry Card Review for Parents and App review

Is the goHenry card and app for your child?

Today we recorded a goHenry card review for parents and an app review. Prepaid debit cards for under 18 kids are becoming popular. This is particularly true in divorce. Many parents want to be able to send money to their child if they need it. They also want to be able to shut the card off. Our YouTube video walks you through the easy sign up process.

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You may have read our blog post about the Greenlight Debit Card for kids https://legaltn.com/2019/07/15/is-the-greenlight-app-for-you/

After many questions from clients, we decided to test a competitor card. The goHenry card was a good choice. I am sure we will do more debit card reviews as more competitors enter the market. I still like the Greenlight debit card a bit more. It has a few more features. Overall, either card is a good choice.

goHenry card review

goHenry App and goHenry card

The app manages the card. Your child has their own version of the app. Therefore, you store all the information you need on the parent app. You can customize the card for your child. Finally, you can even change the name of the card! For example, the card I ordered is a goKevin card. It was customized for my son, Kevin. Additionally, there are tons of colors, animals and food pictures to choose from,

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