Divorce Books for Kids a Review for Parents

Review of Divorce Books for Kids

We are continuing our series of helpful books and apps. Our latest video from our YouTube video discusses some books we recommend to our clients. Therefore, we hope these divorce books for kids can assist you.

Divorce can be a tough time for children. Sometimes sharing a book with your child can help. Next, this review include 3 books about divorce for kids. Plus, a bonus book for special needs children.

Divorce Books for Kids included in this Review

I Have Two Homes by Marian De Smet   this book is 24 pages long and recommended for children ages 5 – 7 $12.99 on Amazon https://amzn.to/2kg0Xsj

Why Do Families Change? Our First Talk About Separation and Divorce by Dr. Jillian Roberts  this book is 32 pages long and recommended for ages 6 – 8 $13.70 Hardcover and $4.99 Audio CD https://amzn.to/2md1NGQ

Divorce is the Worst by Anastasia Higgenbotham 64 pages long and recommended for ages 4-12 $18.95 on Amazon https://amzn.to/2mdPM3Z

I Have a Question About Divorce: A Book for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Other Special Needs This book has 3 different sections and is 40 pages long. Recommended for ages 5 – 11 Amazon for $9.99 (Kindle version) or $14.99 (hardcover) https://amzn.to/2lAlg43

A Book review for special needs kids effected by divorce

Finally, I have included a link to another video in our YouTube series. This video contains a book review for kids on the autism spectrum. It may help you share the challenges of the many changes they are facing. This book could help lessen the negative effects of divorce on your special needs child. 

Book Review

Parent Education Class

Additionally, need more parenting tips? Then we recommend taking the mandatory divorcing parent education seminar as soon as possible after filing for divorce. This class is offered at least 6 times each month at our office. Finally, a link to the class dates can be found at Memphis Class Dates or Jackson Area Class Dates.

Lastly, check out all the videos in our YouTube series https://legaltn.com/featured-videos/