Rights for Step Parents in Tennessee – Part One

Rights for Step Parents in Tennessee have changed!

On July 1, 2019 there was a substantial change to Tennessee law. Rights for step parents were considered under this new change to the law. However, the change has a major impact on Step Parents that are trying to get parenting time. First, the court has to find the request is “extraordinary.” Next, they look at several circumstances to determine if a Petitioner can even get a hearing. Finally, the court will look at 12 Factors.

Assumption that the bio-parent knows best

It is much harder to get step parent visitation as a result of the new law. Additionally, there is an assumption that a biological parent has the best interest of their child in mind. Therefore, if you are trying to petition for step parent visitation, you definitely need to watch Part one of the video series. Next, check out our other blog post for information on the 12 factors the court will consider at your hearing.

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