What is a Process Server and Do I Need One?

Process service in your divorce

Are you going through a divorce? Are you thinking about filing for divorce? Do you think your spouse may have just filed for divorce? Then you need a process server! Most lawsuits including contested divorce papers need to be served. What is a process server? They are adults over the age of 18 that are NOT related to the parties of the lawsuit. They are sometimes considered “professional document delivery services.”

Tennessee Process Service Options

If you need to hire someone, you have several options. First, you do not have to be an attorney to hire one. However, if you hire an attorney they will likely take care of the process serving as part of your case. Second, you can use the Sheriff’s Department as an option. However, they can be slower to serve documents because they have other jobs – like protecting the community! Third, you can search the internet for a professional service process company. Finally, your attorney could allow the other side to pick up the documents at their office and sign for them. This can also be considered process service. Lastly, please consult your attorney to see if they offer this option.

Next, watch the latest video in our YouTube Series! There are frequently asked questions with a guest appearance from Tennessee Process Server David Adams. We show you why you should not avoid process service and the pitfalls of avoiding being served.

Watch this video to learn more about Process Servers

Need a Process Server in West Tennessee?

Our firm partners with local process server, David Adams! He has a quick turn around time and can even get service on most local military bases.

Additionally, for more information about David visit https://legaltn.com/ or call him directly at 901-603-9175.

Going through a divorce with kids?

Finally, if you are going through a divorce and you have minor children you need the mandatory parenting class! Please visit https://www.tnparentclass.com/ to sign up today.