Legal Discovery Questions in a Lawsuit

Today Kimberly Schreiber is discussing legal discovery questions. Also, she gives rules and tips for you. For more legal information and tips, please visit her YouTube Channel!

What is Discovery and why you need it

Knowledge is Power

First, have you gotten discovery from the other side?  Second, do you need to send some discovery?  Finally, what are the rules for discovery and where can you find them on your own?  We answer all these questions and many more in our latest legal information video. Also, many of our featured videos can be found at

Do You Know Your Rights?

Don’t be left in the dark. Know about your legal right to obtain information from the other side in a lawsuit. First, it is impossible to settle your case without all the knowledge, documents and information. Next, Tennessee has put several rules in place that allow you to obtain that information. There are even deadlines! Additionally, you may have to subpoena some records and documents.  Subpoenas help your attorney gain a full understanding of your case. Then, you can make an informed settlement decision or offer of settlement. Finally, this should be done before you waste money attending mediation without all the facts.

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Parenting Class discusses Legal Discovery Questions

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This live 4 Hour seminar is mandatory for divorcing parents in Tennessee. In the parent education class we answer many questions about legal discovery questions in divorce lawsuits.