Tennessee Child Support Calculator Changes!

After roughly 10 years with no updates, Tennessee updated their Tennessee Child Support Calculator effective May 10, 2020. The Tennessee Parenting Plan has NOT changed (yet?).

Some of the changes include: 

Changes To Terms Like Mother/Father To Include Parent 1/Parent 2 

Changes To The Child Support Amount Based On Updated Statistics

A Line Added For “Adjusted For Minimum Order”

According to their website, Tennessee has a brand new version of their Web Style Calculator coming Soon. Miles Mason, a Memphis Attorney, has already updated his free child support calculator App to reflect the changes. You may want to contact your Attorney or our office to see if these changes result an adjustment to your current Child Support amount. Additionally, the Court may reject calculations done with the old version if your divorce has not yet become final. The current 2017 version of the Tennessee Permanent Parenting Plan, available in English, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese, can be found by following: Http://Www.Tncourts.Gov/Programs/Parenting-Plan/Forms

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